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Important Dates

  • January 1 - Date of Assessment. Florida Statute §192.042
    Tangible returns are mailed approximately two weeks within this date.
  • January 1 to April 1 - Dates for Filing. Florida Statute §193.062

  • April 1 - Deadline to File for Extension. If an extension is granted, penalties will begin to accrue if not filed.
    Penalties = 25% of the total tax levied against the property for each year that no return is filed; for filing after the due date, 5% of the total tax levied against the property covered by that return for each year, for each month, or portion theorof, that a return is filed after the due date, but not to exceed 25% of the total tax; for unlisted property, 15% of the tax attributable to the omitted property.
    Florida Statute §193.072
  • August - Proposed Property Tax Notices are mailed by the Property Appraiser.

  • September - Deadlines for filing petitions to the Value Adjustment Board are included on the Notice of Proposed Property Taxes mailed in August.

  • November - Tax bills are typically mailed by the Tax Collector.